Discover how our Orton Gillingham reading tutoring program is helping children overcome learning challenges and improve their self-confidence.

Pam is SO amazing! My daughter who has dyslexia was barely able to read when Pam started tutoring her. She knows how to make learning to read fun and enjoyable instead pressure and stress. She also knows what it is like to be a parent of a child who is struggling and she understands the fear and frustration that comes along with it.

Her patience and understanding was so helpful to me. My daughter has come so far and is now in middle school and doing great! Thank you Pam! We love you!


Pam’s tutoring service that she provides is AMAZING. When my son first started he was in his 2nd quarter of 1st grade reading on a beginning Kindergarten level but now he is 2nd grade reading on level!

He was also seeing his letters and words backwards but now he no longer struggles with that. The tutor that Pam selected for him was absolutely amazing as well. I would definitely recommend anyone sending their child to Pam, you won’t regret it.


Ms. Fiona was such a big help on getting my daughter to grade level. She was always so kind and patient. After every session she would shared what they worked on and areas she would be focusing on in the next few weeks. Would highly recommend.


Pam has been working with my 9 year old daughter for a year now and I could not be more delighted with the amazing results she has provided her! My daughter has dyslexia and came to Pam struggling with her reading in and out of class. After this past year she is now reading at grade level and doing it with confidence. My daughter now enjoys to read and loves working with Pam! I highly recommend Pam as a great assets to any child struggling that needs extra support!


Children with learning difficulties can really dread tutoring because it feels like hard work. Before coming to Miss Pam, we went through a few different programs trying to find a good fit. After speaking with a specialist and receiving a dyslexia diagnosis, I was specifically looking for an Orton-Gillingham Practitioner.

We’ve been through tutors who focused on repetition, working to mastery etc. Kids with dyslexia need more help than most people in sorting, recognizing, and organizing the raw materials of language for thinking and use and there just wasn’t any focus on that in the reading tutoring we were getting elsewhere.

My son immediately felt comfortable with Pam. She’s very kind and personable. The lessons are often interspersed with games and conversations that keep him interested rather than feeling like school work. She quickly identified his areas of interest and customized the lessons to be more fun for him. He always leaves tutoring feeling upbeat and positive about his progress.

He says he feels a lot more comfortable reading his schoolwork. He’s been completing more and more of it without assistance. His teachers commented that his vocabulary is outstanding for a child who doesn’t read for enjoyment. He credits his vocabulary to all the different topics covered in tutoring.

We would definitely recommend Pam. We are very pleased with his progress and attitude toward reading has improved greatly since we began tutoring there.