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Nonsense Word Test


The Nonsense Word Test

Analyze the mispronounced words, looking for patterns that might provide information about the student’s decoding strengths and weaknesses.   Nonsense words have an important place in learning to master reading.  They help the teacher know for certain that her students are using their skills to read words, not just memorizing.




Record the #


Added or Omitted

Mark only if they do not try the word.

Vowel Sound

Record which phonemes they add or delete from what should be there.


A. Short Vowels

1. wat

2. hed

3. sub

4. nog

5. fim

B. Digraphs Blends

6. druck

7. fliss

8. snend

9. thrast

10. thozz

C. Long Vowels

11. hite

12. mabe

13. goap

14. smy

15. dright

D. Other Vowels

16. boit

17. stoof

18. thraw

19. scroy

20. spoud

E. Multi-Syllable Words

21. hantrite

22. strowble

23. race dan

24. tact der

25. jes dez

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